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Our sister company GCG Content Marketing Specialists are constantly looking for partners to work with in this content age. If your company is in need of quality content or need a partner to market existing content, just let us know?

Colorcode VJ fo iPad

Suited for both hobby and professional use, COLORCODE VJ quickly turns your iPad into a VJ tool. At your home or at an event, it’s never been easier to become a VJ!

COLORCODE VJ can switch and display movies, images, and texts.
You can also output to external displays via separately available adapters

Available Oct 30th at app store!


Suited for both hobby and professional use, COLORCODE VJ quickly turns your iPad into a VJ tool. COLORCODE VJ can mix and simultaneously display up to 2 movies, 5 images, 1 text, and 1 particle. And also play tracks in your iPad’s Music library. Get your visual content from the VJWorld.com downlaod store.

Visual Club Concepts 2011

Visual Club Concepts is dedicated to bringing the nation’s hottest video DJ’s to your venue. Checking their egos at the door, our DJs cater to your club’s audience, ripping it up on the ones and twos with the hottest club, house, Top 40 and old skool hits and dazzling viewers with custom party-rocking video sets.

The Untapped Power of Bar and Club Video Screens
I have been working in the visual business for 10 years now and can't understand why so many bar and club owners overlook the income potential both direct and indirectly from utilizing them correctly.

I saw a study years ago that showed the sedentary effects of tv watching. In this mode customers will go home as they can control the viewing area and the sound themselves also eat and drink cheaper. The only TV that works is events where one can be louder than they can be at home. You have to provide the customer an environment that they cannot get at home. Anyhow barflies do not make you money they lose you money and stagnate your business. Just watch an episode or 2 of Bar Rescue and John Tapper mentions that in every show.

Turning off your screens sends the wrong signal, hmmn.. are they closing?

So that's where visuals come in to play. Turning your screens into moving art, an environment enhancer that doesn't require patrons to pay attention to the screen and ignore their friends. Women like an attentive man, women like to dance, women like sexy, women like color, variety and excitement - and if you have women you will have men.

Customize visuals with your events and sponsors, including bands that are performing, drink and food specials and more and you have a tool to create more of a complimentary and alluring environment for your customers. They like it more they stay more they spend more, YOU WIN.

We listen to Bar Owners, Club Promoters, DJs, VJs and alike every day. We create visuals that last and are customizable. We would love to hear more ideas from you.

Ian Faith 800-884-4553 (VJWorld.com - Shadowdancers.tv)


Pittsburgh Live Nightlife 2011

NCB The Eyes Have It


Dance Music Tracks Wanted For DVD Release

VJWorld.com is looking for Dance Music Tracks from DJs for its New Energy Dancers DVD release. The DVD will concurrently be going out to record pools, DJs and VJs as well as music industry companies. As our visuals are in such demand by Bars and Clubs you should get great exposure and follow up sales. This will be a great way to expose and promote your new cuts.

We are looking for original tracks around 120BPMs. Time limit, around 5 Mins so we can edit a longer version if it needs trimming. Unreleased or up to a year old tracks only. You will get a listing on the DVD as well as a menu on the disc. The songs will be secure from theft via DVD audio. This should drive fans to your online pages for follow up sales.

Compensation will be based on status, but all cuts will get something. Non exclusive license agreement.

For more info please send links or tracks to info@VJWorld.com

May 2009

Shadow Dancers/GCG and Harrah's have entered into an agreement to license Shadow Dancers for 2 windows on the Las Vegas strip across from Caesar's Palace above O'Shea's, already the promotion has been attracting crowds and increasing business.

March 2008

VJWorld Launched VEMS to rave reviews at the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Mobile Beat Convention, The media server is the most requested item from bar & Club owners who want to manage their media.

VJWorld has provided the Custom Content Welcome Visuals for the "EVERYTHING TO DO WITH SEX" Show in Toronto Canada on Oct 19-21 2007.

Jan 2007: See VJWorld Visuals on 360 Degree Screens in the Ford Airrstreem at the Detroit Auto Show 2007


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