Featuring Michelle Anderson and Robin Olive

These are visuals for the professional DJ and VJ, use with Serrato
Virtual DJ/VJ and NuVJ equipment. BPMs for all kinds of music.

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ENERGY DANCERS are BPM Driven Virtual Go-Go Dancers! Each of our dancers perform for 5 Mins to 3 tempos (108-120-134 BPM), in 3 different wardrobes, shot against a Black Backdrop. This way, you can import them into your system and vari-speed them to fit your mix.

Compatible with all Pioneer and Numark VJ video equipment. We burn the files onto recordable media as High Resolution .mov files and ship it to you the same day you order*! Each Energy Dancer you select comes with all 3 BPMs (15 Mins Total - 3 Files - 5 Mins Each). Previews are in Flash each 30Secs long. Make sure you have the latest Quicktime Download to play the files properly. (Details on getting these as downloadable files is coming soon.)

Inject more energy onto your screens and take your performance to new heights!


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